Tied Accommodation

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.


Are you pushed for time? Too busy running your business? Or maybe just can’t face investigating each lender individually to see what they will do for you?

Lending criteria for the Self Employed or Company Directors is probably where it varies the most from one lender to the next. We have extensive experience of helping those running their own business and have quite often surprised clients with what is actually possible. You don’t have to explain your situation over and over as we recognise different structures of self-employment, and whether it’s net profit or salary & dividends we know the exact figures lenders look at to calculate affordability and know exactly what they want to see as evidence.

Self Employed

‘We are both self-employed and it was really difficult for us to get a mortgage. We went to 3 different mortgage advisors, none of which provided us with great service (only being able to come up with 3 different products, not coming back to us at all, etc). We then contacted Rosemount Mortgage Planning. Right from the initial enquiry they gave us loads of different options suitable for our circumstances and they put a huge amount of effort into finding us the right product for our difficult situation. We now have a much better rate than any of the original mortgage brokers we contacted could offer us! Overall brilliant service. Rosemount Mortgage Planning really went above and beyond to deliver.’ Lee S